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Metro PD main character description - translation



Eiki Yachigusa

Birthday: 7th June

Special skill: deductive reasoning

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “Wow!”

Favourite food: pizza

Ways to spend your holiday: watch all the anime DVDs in one go

Charm point: smile

What kind of pet would you like to keep: cat

The moment when you become a beast: when I saw your sleeping face next to me

The moment when you fall in love: when I feel like I want to protect this girl


Katsuyuki Kyobashi

Birthday: 13th February

Special skill: mechanics in general

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “It is useless to resist” 

Charm point: perverted comments/remarks 

Food that you dislike: vegetables and alcohol

Clothes that you want women to wear: one-piece dresses that show off thier body shape

Ticklish spot: neck

A person who you respect: my father

The moment when you fall in love: when I feel that we are compatible in various apects


Yutaka Tennoji

Birthday: 17th August

Special skill: sports in general

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “What are you doing!”

Charm point: Kansai dialect

Something that is non-negotiable: dating is not allowed during investigation

What animal would you compare yourself to: a friendly/amiable rabbit

Ways to spend your holiday: muscle training

If you were to do a two-man comedy, who would you choose as your partner in the second unit: you

Favourite type of girl: a positive and bright person 


Shusuke Asano

Birthday: 19th November

Special skill: shooting

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “……Don’t mind.”

Charm point: bed hair

Favourite season: winter (because I wanna snuggle up to you)

Other hobbies besides magic tricks: messing around and teasing Tennoji

Things that you dislike: wake up in the morning

A person who you respect: Ento sensei

Favourite girl’s gesture: sneezing 


Kazusa Hanai

Birthday: 3rd September

Special skill: profiling

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “Who do you think I am!?”

Charm point: bashful look

Favourite animal: koala

Things that you dislike: insects

Karaoke score: I have only tried the karaoke scoring system once and the machine was broken (Hanai’s ‘explanation’)

Old nickname: Ka-kun

The moment when you fall in love: when I feel her single-mindedness/earnestness


Hiroshi Kirisawa

Birthday: 1st April

Special skill: leadership

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “You guys are on good terms with each other~”

Charm point: the hand which holds cigarettes

Old nickname: president/secretary-general

Specialty dish: fried rice

What kind of pet would you like to keep: big dogs and small cats

A person who you respect: Sakamoto Ryoma

The moment when you fall in love: when I see someone who has a sense of justice


Tadanobu Nomura

Birthday: 2nd April

Special skill: judo (strategies)

Charm point: moustache 

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “yoo-hoo~”

Things that you dislike: frogs

Pet name: Nomu-pyon

Hobby: teasing/playing around with Hiroshi-kun

Your best investigation technique: a joint party/mixer

Favourite type of girl: straightforward/honest women


Ryohei Kimura

Birthday: 22nd December

Special skill: forensic investigation

Charm point: bottle bottom glasses (his eyes, when he takes off his glasses)

Favorite phrase/habit of saying: “No…well…humm…” (it’s a lie)

People you dislike: tokeumei first unit

Secret memo: he is actually a super good looking guy, and he was a former actor

Playmate: 田吾作 [Tagosaku?] (a police dog)

Date spot: planetarium

The moment when you fall in love: when I feel her kind consideration/warmth

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